Our Centers

Malone Center

To eliminate multigenerational poverty in Lincoln.

Good Neighbor Community Center

Welcoming Neighbors,
Supporting Stability

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

In order to restore, preserve and protect all rights aboriginally held by our people and their descendants, promote peace, prosperity, happiness, and the general welfare of the members of our Tribe and our posterity, to exercise home rule, to assert our inherent sovereignty, to protect our right of self-government, to conserve custom, to improve our social order, to protect our rights as individuals, to promote our economic welfare, to promote domestic tranquility, to promote business enterprises both cooperative and individual, to promote educational opportunities for all Ponca people, to consolidate our land holdings by purchase, exchange, transfer, gift, or otherwise, do ordain and establish this Constitution in accordance with our inherent sovereignty, and all previous aboriginal rights of our members and Treaties previously entered into with the United States of America.

Asian Community and Cultural Center

Serving All Refugees and Immigrants, Celebrating Cultural Heritage: Support and empower all refugees and immigrants through programs and services and advance sharing of the Asian Culture and other cultural heritages in our community.

The El Centro de las Américas

To promote the self-sufficiency and self-determination of Latino families and community by providing bilingual, high quality social, educational, economic, public health and advocacy services.