The Cultural Centers of Lincoln Collaborative is thrilled to start planning the development of a new community facility one that aims to build bridges that connect the members of our community through social services, public resources and cross-cultural relationships.

Our Mission

Promote cultural empowerment through collaboration, education, and advocacy.

At the Cultural Centers of Lincoln Collaborative, we bolster the celebration of diverse cultures in our community by amplifying the reach of individual cultural centers in the area through collaboration, educating Lincoln and the surrounding Lancaster County about the importance of and benefits from supporting multicultural communities, and advocating for representation of all the diverse voices in our community.

Our Organizations

The Cultural Centers of Lincoln Collaborative operates to support the individual centers, while building upon their strengths in a collaborative manner to produce community outcomes centered on diversity, social justice, and cultural competency.

Malone Center

Good Neighbor Community Center

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

Asian Community & Cultural Center

El Centro de las Américas

Steps to Solidarity

Our collaboration, education, and advocacy efforts bridge the various cultural divides that prevent our community from recognizing the importance of fostering diverse and inclusive spaces for all.

By 2050, homogenous races will be the minority in our country while multicultural communities are estimated to steadily increase. As cultural divides continue to shrink in the age of the internet, the CCLC is committed to promoting the importance of diversity by uplifting cultures in the Lincoln-Lancaster County area who have been excluded from our community’s narrative, giving their voices a platform.

What We Need

Space Expansion

Since starting as the Cultural Centers of Lincoln in 2019 (and Malone in 1955), we have gained enough members to warrant the need for a larger operational space that can serve everyone.


As we continue to expand, our grant-driven programming has stretched thin. Our goal is to address the growing needs of our communities with opportunities for all.

Employee Wages

Our growing team plans to do big things. In compensating our employees for the important work they do, we re not just treating everyone fairly we re investing in our community s growth.

Consistent Funding

This center will create more opportunities for public engagement and profitability.

The Solution

A shared campus would empower us to slash inefficiencies and give us the space to grow.

Our Goals

Grow through intentional collaboration.

Build visibility and trust as community leaders.

Raise enough money to fully fund the project.

Project Timeline

Phase 1: Collection + Planning

Date: July 2019 - January 2021

Phase 2: Community Connections + Campus Development

Date: January 2021 - December 2024

Phase 3: Capital Campaign Kickoff + Fundraising

January 2023 - June 2024 (silent)
July 2024 - June 2026 (public)

Phase 4: Construction Date

Date: January 2024 - June 2026

Center Open

Date: June 2026

Want to get involved?